okay guys.  since i'm not feeling well.  i'm calling in sick from the wiki until i get better,  soo i thought my throat thing was bad?  I now have a stuffy nose and head, so double the sick.  not fun.   so i won't be in chat at all until i get better. so don't  start anything while i'm gone. examples include: fighting,  and rps that i wasn't notfied of, ect.  so i expect something good while i'm gone.

plus taking a break may heal me faster.

But i will make edits to my pages when i'm feeling a little better to put some info in. As for now,  i want everyone to do their best to have fun and treat one another with respect and message me on my wall page on something. if its a question,  i may be able to respond to it, giving the okay.

But don't go making up rules that will make everyone upset or do a rp that i wasn't notified of,

well everyone,  i trust you all, if something happens... while i'm gone.. your trust will be broken by me and maybe everyone else in the wiki.

see you when i get better.


sonicknucklesfan92 (founder)

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