Hey there. So it came to me, where is everyone. You so called members aren't around as much anymore...that is sad. If you guys intended to leave, why join in the first place?

It's like your commitment was a lie or you promised me you were actually interested in my work! But all this time, you lost interest. That is sad.

For those who are around but don't do much, please do tell me the truth to why you can't do anything, if it's hard thinking of something. You can ask us and we can help you.

Note: I removed your character's page, to put it to sleep until that creator comes back or to save them the trouble of doing anything of not wanting their character anymore since they left for good. If you want it back up, please do let me know.

I hope to find better people who will stay and do their part of being there or giving me a hand with it.

So for those who are active, I have something for you, can you give me a hand in maybe giving me your knowledge on certain areas I know I don't much about? These include; military like info. (Ex; ) or other things that I maybe never even thought of. If you can help me with that, that be awesome!

See you around!

- SonicKnucklesFan92

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