hello guys. sonicKnucklesFan92 here to inform you I have made another website! !

and to let you know im changing the game rules and character rules of ophidia.  making  marisa and tommy's parents not dead.  however,  in the sonic world they are dead.  I thought it be better,  I want it to be like starfox adventures / dinosaur planet.

so i hope everyone is okay with that.

also i'm thinking of removing some more dead members.  if you guys can help me find them.  i'll remove them.  okay,  well i want all of us to be prepared for the fun that i want to place.  as for gunma.  i will try to add more juicy things to it, as well as ophidia.  thankfully,  gunma is still on the mind,  but ophidia will get the love and care it needs.

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