Hello fellow members of Ophidia!  SonicknucklesFan92 here, to inform you. That so far our wiki is turning out great!

but you know what would make it even better?  If you have your friends come on over and read this wiki! Tell your family and friends about this site that will get everyone excited to look up their favorite animal or reptile, even make them create a new character!

Also to invite you to explore and learn many new things you never knew before with this world and its characters and get along with your fellow friends!

Please do enjoy your time here. and do visit again everytime you get!


Hey guys.  well i'm doing great. but i'll be away for a little bit while my room gets painted so don't worry. i'll be back by tuesday.

But i'm having a blast making new characters. and new projects ahead to  looking forward too.

Besides.. i feel like i've been on my computer too long sometimes, which i gotta keep in check.  a little break will do me some good.

so anyway,  for new pages, i'll be trying to add new tribes for ophidia or new characters  for it.  or work on gunma and its characters.  either way,  this is a fun and yet.. hard job.  to think about all the things to do with your characters.

anywho.. see you all later or in chat!


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