hello felow followers and friends alike.  i'll be in chat as of now to at least talk about my characters as well of a safe place for those who need a place to feel safe from mean people on SFCW or any other site. This place (chat) will be a secret chat and a chamber for those who wanna talk to me. well enter if you want. but do not add ANY of your characters here. this wiki is only for my characters, the true facts about them without any sonic related things, i thought i should point that out if any of you wanted to join this grand army of king cobra. but this is only amoung friends who i trust, no one else is to join. unless i know you and trust you


absolutey no swearing! what so ever, if you wanna swear it out, just put "***" and what letter the swear starts with.  but if you swear once, i'll let it slide, if you  swear more or 3 times, i will band you from my wiki and will even  block your account.

be nice and calm to others,  if you have a problem with the user or friend,  don't put it on main chat...private chat me the problem, please, or tell me what the problem is and i'll try to fix it.

the chat is mainly focused on my characters alone, don't be random and childish in my chat. don't be stupid. act smart and follow my rules if you don't like it, then you shouldn't be within this wiki or chamber (chat).

If you have any questions reguarding my characters, i'll gladly explain.

my  main rule is...... RESPECT and have FUN.


  1. You cannot rp (roleplay) anything different, it has to be only within the world of Ophidia
  2. You cannot PM chat anyone else (I hate rats or people who want to take it to talk about someone else) 
  3. We can dicuss anything that is related to my world and only, we cannot talk anything of real life, drama, online,  or just t get attendion,  unless its a serious matter  (death in the family, friendship lost, ect)
  4. We can rp a sonic like rp,  (but those are rare, and must have the rules followed) 

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