Hi guys ^^

I've been really kinda depressed lately... mostly because I haven't been taking my medicine for it. I just feel teary and a little angry too. I've been doing a lot of things wrong (not acting like I should according to my mom) and I got a litle creeped out at my brother because he was touching my face. It felt weird to me, and when he came to apologize he did it again. I told him to get out and he slammed my door, knocking down one of my awards.  Mom made him come back in with his hands at his sides and apologize, and I forgave him- begrudgingly, I might say.

I feel sorry for treating my brother like that and for acting like such a big mess-up lately with my family. I'm having one of my low days. But don't worry, I'll get out of my slump soon. Thanks for reading.

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