Rage the Hedgehog

aka Nicolas Cage

  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Wrestler/Streamer
  • I am a skrub m8
  • Rage the Hedgehog

    HOLA me amigos! How you guys been?

    Yeah, im back again. I dunno for how long but I should be back for a bit. I'll try to be more active but im pretty busy. Anyways, I hope everythings went alright for you guys! :D

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  • Rage the Hedgehog

    Story Ideas?

    April 28, 2015 by Rage the Hedgehog

    Hey guys, Rage here.

    Im writing a story, a Sonic one(Don't worry, I got permission from the creator), and I have no idea what to write it about. It will have my fc's(Rage is the only one that is confirmed) and the canon ones, but the canon's will be what I always thought of them as, it won't be exactly like SEGA.

    I need some help with plot, characters, etc. etc. It will really help me out and make a good story, and you might even get a sneak peak at the story before the wiki does! So it's good for all of us, I guess?

    Any feedback and help is much appreciated ^^

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