'Ello everyone, it is I, Joshua the Hedgehog, with an annoucement. 

Since Christmas Break hit, I've been relaxing and chilling with family and friends, as well as not being as active as much on Wikia. So, in order to make sure everyone knows this, I will be inactive from Wikia from this point forward, until December 29th 2016 (This is subject to change however), and as such will not make any edits whatsoever.


Just because i'll be inactive on Wikia, does not mean i'm not going to be inactive from the following:

Xbox Live, Skype, Discord

If you wish to contact me (Or if you already have, you can just the rest of the blog -3-), you may find me on

Skype: live:warjoshua10

Discord: JkirkianHedgehog

Xbox Live: Jo5htheHedgehog

Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know thatm so that way you're all not constantly wondering where I went o3o

Have a nice Christmas, and I'll see you all in 2017!

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