This is Joshua the Hedgehog, Faction Leader of The Jkirk Federations, and there is an upcoming event that may happen soon, or probably a very long time. Over at Genesis City, the Capital of Mobius for Jkirk Federations, in Eastern Mobius, the Faction Leader is hosting the 1st Annual Jkirk Games!

The Event will include competitors from various factions or planets, competing in a wide variety of Games, including Baseball, Bowling, Football, Basketball, Archery, Dodgeball, and Non-lethal Gladiator.

The Sign-up Sheet is NOT operational yet, but a separate Blog post will describe the competitors.

The Games will be hosted on The Jkirk Federations Database wiki, in the Chatroom. If anyone leaves during a Game, they will be automatically disqualified unless if they return within 7 minutes, if you don't return at that timespan, then its your own fault.

Anyways, Wiki Users, the rules will also be listed in the Next Blog Post, along with the list of Competitors sheet.

Have a good day.

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