Its that time, everyone! The Rules and the Sign-Up Sheet for the 1st Annual Jkirk Games are here. First up, I will display the rules, and then the sheet.

Edit: Non-Lethal Gladiator has been taken out of the Jkirk Games


1. As Always in Roleplays, No Godmodding, Metagaming, and Powerplaying 2. Since this is taking place in the Jkirk Federations Database Wiki, you have to follow the Wiki Rules, shown here: [[1]] 3. You are allowed 3 Characters MAX to participate in the Games. Though, 1 Character is recommended.... If they are a part of a Faction, then list their Faction they are apart of. 4. Do not Auto-Hit (meaning, do not automatically hit a Home-Run, a Strike, and so on. If anyone shows signs of this, then they are disqualified for that match, if it continues, they are disqualified for the entire game.) 5. No Powers/Custom Tools and Weapons. You are given standardized Materials for these Games. 6. I don't care if you only came in just to Troll everybody, You Cannot use any of your Powers/Weapons/and Equipment given to you to harm others. Doing so will automatically cause you to be disqualified from the Games and Kicked from the chat.  7 . The Game is set in Matches and Rounds, every Match has a certain amount of Rounds for that certain Game, depending on how many people are in the game. 8 . If you leave the chat, and do not come back within a 7 Minute Timespan, you are disqualified from the Round, and I don't care if you have an excuse or not.

The Rules have been set up. Now here's the Sign Up Sheet.

Sign-Up Sheet

The Sign Up sheet will display Characters and their Faction. Example: Joshua the Hedgehog, Jkirk Federations (User: Joshua the Hedgehog) There will be 50 Sign Ups MAXIMUM. Also: Sign up in the Comments Below. The 1st Annual Jkirk Games will start when at least Half of the sign-Up sheet is filled, and those Users are online. Note: Matches and Rounds will probably take place on different dates.

Characters will be shown here.

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