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  • I live in I live on the Planet Earth on one of the seven continents. c:
  • I was born on November 8
  • My occupation is Being a gamer, as well as a freakin' senior in high school... oh yeah, I like drawing as well. o3o
  • I am This should be obvious by now XD
  • Joshua the Hedgehog

    'Ello everyone, I be Admin: Joshua the Hedgehog reportin' in, annnd.. I've got a bit of a problem.

    On 2 pages on this, both of which are specifically Gunma-related, have been put on hiatus, each with it's own problems, which is causing my inactivity (That, and i'm playing my games a bit more often now, lel)

    On the Hector Blaze page, while most of the page is completed, I've run into a typing block, as I don't know on what to add in for his Backstory, since I am planning on rewriting it. It doesn't help that I don't know what year Gunma takes place in as well -3- 

    On a recent, no-so-much completed page: Gunma: RTS, I've run into a bigger problem. On the Units Sections for both the Gunma Core and Rilux, you can see that there is not much to pla…

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  • Joshua the Hedgehog

    Happy 2017!

    January 3, 2017 by Joshua the Hedgehog

    Greetings everyone, and am I happy to say that it's good to be within a new year! =D

    Oh, yeah, my wikia vacation. Ehh I'd say it's pretty much over now, back to work for me now! o3o

    Welp, see ya on the pages and comments everyone .3. 

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  • Joshua the Hedgehog


    December 22, 2016 by Joshua the Hedgehog

    'Ello everyone, it is I, Joshua the Hedgehog, with an annoucement. 

    Since Christmas Break hit, I've been relaxing and chilling with family and friends, as well as not being as active as much on Wikia. So, in order to make sure everyone knows this, I will be inactive from Wikia from this point forward, until December 29th 2016 (This is subject to change however), and as such will not make any edits whatsoever.


    Just because i'll be inactive on Wikia, does not mean i'm not going to be inactive from the following:

    Xbox Live, Skype, Discord

    If you wish to contact me (Or if you already have, you can just the rest of the blog -3-), you may find me on

    Skype: live:warjoshua10

    Discord: JkirkianHedgehog

    Xbox Live: Jo5htheHedgehog

    Anyways, just wanted…

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  • Joshua the Hedgehog

    Note: This is only a few suggestions that came through in my Mind so I could make the Gunma Series have a bit more "Spark" to it.

    Now, while I know that some of these people aren't Military Experts (No Offense to anyone), I thought of making a specific Page for listing Types of Old/New Gunma Infantry/Vehicles/Prototypes, Relations with other Factions, Known Members/Events, and Territories. Now, I may need a little help listing these, as I have no clue on what Technology (besides Lasers) the Gunma Military uses =|.

    This is a Game Idea: I'm also thinking of doing a Real Time Strategy or Fighting-Style Game focusing on Two Fanbases: Gunma Vs Jkirk. Now, this isn't going to be a 1 V 1 Disaster, no, this Game will issue (If the Game gets Approved…

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  • Joshua the Hedgehog

    Its that time, everyone! The Rules and the Sign-Up Sheet for the 1st Annual Jkirk Games are here. First up, I will display the rules, and then the sheet.

    Edit: Non-Lethal Gladiator has been taken out of the Jkirk Games

    1. As Always in Roleplays, No Godmodding, Metagaming, and Powerplaying 2. Since this is taking place in the Jkirk Federations Database Wiki, you have to follow the Wiki Rules, shown here: [[1]] 3. You are allowed 3 Characters MAX to participate in the Games. Though, 1 Character is recommended.... If they are a part of a Faction, then list their Faction they are apart of. 4. Do not Auto-Hit (meaning, do not automatically hit a Home-Run, a Strike, and so on. If anyone shows signs of this, then they are disqualified for that matc…

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