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Underground Terminal
Physical Characteristics
Class ?

Radius ? Albedo ?

Gravity ?
Atmospheric characteristics
Escape velocity ?

Equilibrium Temperature ?

Atmosphere  ?
Hydrographics ?

Biomass  ?
Chronological and political information
No information
No information
No information
No information
No information
No information
Distinct features
The terminal has power generators that must have their power restored to run messages of anything

The underground terminal is a power generadtor room that is inside a Base . That must be turned on to restore power to contact the Army and Tengshe Evrae Unit squad for the Rilux cut the power.

Arenas and main rooms




Gunma Anime and Comic


  • The underground Terminal is a special room located in all gunma locations in the game within each stage.
  • XeoJager, and Kimberly  are the ones chosen to power up the terminal or get to special places unlocked for Gaidis and Tobias.

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