"alot of shells is a great way to get items."

- Tuck

Tuck the ploymorpha
Biographical Information
Homeworld Ocean Blue Trail (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age unknown
Physical Description
Species Polymorpha

Gender Male Height 2'0" (10 cm) Skin Color Black, Blue,(whole body)

Eye Color Greenish blue
Physical Information
Tribe Unknown
Chronological and Political information
Appearance(s) Ophidia (Game) (first appearance), Tuck's Adventure


Concept and Creation


Appearances in other media

Ophidia (Game)



  • Tuck can use his onw body to move around, even shift in mass
  • He is friends with fellow fishes and even a small Lockjaw who helps him,  on the land he's aided by the Merchant named Scully who sells things uch as supplies and gms that can power up your attacks.
  • Tuck has made appearances in various places, in Ophidia (Game) he's briefly seen within the water with the Barracuda  and Lockjaw

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