"Welcome, stranger. What brings you far out here? " -- Tuatara male

"I had a dream, that our world would be saved by a prince and princess." - Tuatara Tribe

The  Tuatara Tribe are one of the tribes of Planet Ophidia to be the last of their kind, almost close to the Reptilia Tribe .  They are a civilized Tribe that have docile nature but will defend themselves if threaten.

They are one of a few tribes that are isloated compared to most tribes.  They are many different types of tuatara which are a tribe of many different sizes of Tuataras ,  including some realtion to most of the tribes, even birds!

The tribe are located within Planet Ophidia  within Thorny Willow  and various locations.  Some Tuatara live else where or try to find a place to belong.


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Society and Culture


Notable Tuatara


Role in the game


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