Snake Temple
Biographical Information
Name\ Snake temple

Detail Readout\ Home to the Cobra Tribe and Snake Gods

Map Data \ With its vast open spaces and huge temple and open land, keep a close eye on the fine details of this map to uncover all its secrets

The Snake Temple  is a location on Planet Ophidia. The Snake temple is the first area you visit and where you meet the great snake god, Rajja at the Spirit Shrine.


Home to the Cobra Tribe  , it is a large temple and shrine with many corridors and puzzle's to sovle.  The Snake temple is recognizable by its temples, and shrines.




(well be added soon)

Music theme

Ophidia of worlds- The Snake Temple02:19

Ophidia of worlds- The Snake Temple

the snake temple

Ophidia of worlds- Inside The Acient Ground (Snake temple)03:04

Ophidia of worlds- Inside The Acient Ground (Snake temple)

snake temple- inside the ancient ground (lower)

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