"a silhouette of a warrior in his time. Silently rides through the lands to aide those in battle or take the lives of those who are restless. Nor friend or foe. It seeks the one that will see the balance in life and lend him his power of the great shadow."

- writings from the scrolls of ancient beasts -- Shao Ming's quest

The Shadow Samurai is a silhouette of a warrior covered in complete shadow. Some say it's a ghost of a fallen warrior in legend.


Shao Ming's Quest

Concept and Creation





Appearances in other Media

apperances in other media, includes comics and game cameos

Shao Ming's Tale: Soul Quest

Main article: Shao Ming's Tale: Soul Quest

Other information



  • The shadow samurai was based off the casino slot machine; the romance of fire and rain. The creator has played.
  • it's the first human like summon for Shao Ming's quest, out of the other beasts.
  • originally "his" name was going to be yoshimistu, after yoshimistu from the soul calibur series. but was changed in the end, for better reasons.
  • The samurai itself is only known character to be completely in shadow and doesn't have a full form, even in the daylight it remains the same.

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