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"The Rilux Queen....mother of the entire Rilux species. She is a newly discovered rilux.  Not much information on what she may do, study her closely. Look for an opening and  the right time to attack!"

Anthony's log

The Rilux Queen  is the main  antagonist of the entire Gunma series.  She is a highly mutated Rilux  of an unknown origin infused with the abilities to advance even further than any Rilux species to date.

She finally transformed into the final stage the rilux can't reach and she is powerful enough to even take down anything that stands in her way.

Now her main mission now is to swallow the last antarian to transform even further!

She is the toughest foe the Gunma Core has ever faced



The Rilux Queen is the mother of all Rilux and is the core of the Rilux Hive on her homeplanet . She started out as a a special rilux at birth and mutated differently from the others. She was known as the queen.  Her special rilux pre-stage form was much more different from the others.  She wants to feed off of others to get stronger and change even furthur.

Gunma (comic series)

Rilux Saga
First attack
Rilux invasion
Zantella arc

Personality and Traits

Rilux Queen as her name implies, is shown to be calculating, aggressive, and cold.  The red creatures known as Rilux  serve for her.  Those who are strong to take on heated battles and are greatly useful, the weaker ones are sacarficed to help the strong go forward or feed the young, including herself when things become to hastey. 

Her attack patterns are hard to predict in battle, but like most rilux her weakness is left open when she is stunned, allowing for some damage. When necessary, she will use those who've become enhanced or mutated beings she uses, either for information or for her own uses to make them fight against their allies.

To extend her cruelty further, she sends her most valued slaves against Tobias, leading them into death.

The Rilux Queen seems to only love Rilux, like herself. 

Rilux Queen is also hungry for more energy. What makes her  different from the special Rilux are her abilities to control and even mutate further. Even the weak minded who have a missing link of becoming a rilux.

Special Abilities


Gunma anime screenshot- rilux queen's x-laser

Rilux Queen's X laser

The X-laser is a form of an "X" like energy that launches from the queen's orbs and arms.  This attack is very strong and deadly, it can even cut through metal and armor.  How she pocesses this power is unknown.

Link within sleep

Rilux parasite

Rilux Parasite

Main Article: Rilux Parasite

Alot like her pre-stage, she can control a special type of rilux from her mind that can attach itself to a living organsim and feed off of their life foce and cause them to go into a sleep coma and make them have dreams.  If sucessful, she can control the host the deeper the sleep becomes.


Airborne Attacks


Close Range

Long Range


Orb Gem

Center "eye"

Cryokinetic Attacks


 Scanning information


Rilux Queen phase 1

Gunma game scan- rilux queen- metroid style

Rilux queen scan

The Rilux queen quickly attacks with airal strikes and stings with her tail. She can also use X-Laser at anytime in battle. when unleashing the x-laser, it drains health rather quickly, because of how powerful it is. Stunning her using the Grapple beam is the key to battle, once she's down  close range and far rang attacks can do huge amount of damage. Its hard hitting the head, shooting the chest or abdomen will stun her.

Rilux Queen phase 2

Rilux Queen final phase 

Phases of battle

Phase 1

She flies around the arena shooting her x-laser attack and diving down with her stinger and claws.  Once  caught in her grip, she will inject venom that will stun, so watch out!  her main weakness is the orb like gems on her head which must be taken out, to stun her for a moment to be shot a few times.  

Her claws and stingers and projectale attacks are deadly so watch out!

Phase 2 

Within a cocoon state she may look vulnerable,  but she can defend herself.  She generates acid like balls that spread across the arena,  watch out!  She can stll shoot her laser like attack, but its weaker.  Her weak spot is the center which must be taken out with Tobias's special grapple laser.  Once hurt a few times, she will begin to move from the ground an attack with her large tenerdals and shoots stingers,  but now her gem is protected by her giant tentacles, the only way to move it is to attack her "eye" on the top of her head, once stunned, you can move in and attack the orb.  The battle changes however, so be on your guard at all costs.

Final Phase

Rilux queen-animation test

Rilux Queen stance (test)

The Rilux queen transforms into her final stage and can now send back attacks by reflecting them back at the player. The main weakness is now harder to hit since she moves quicky.  This is where the game ends for now she tries to absorb you whole.

Her main weakness is to stun her with the special grapple beam upgrade.

Her power increases the more damage she takes.



Gunma Comic and anime

Gunma (Game)


The Rilux Queen is the main antagonist of the game, and serves as the final boss. She is the final one to be taken out.

Music theme (gunma game)

Other information

Likes: ruling, Rilux

Dislikes: Unknown

Hobby: none

Diet: Unknown


  • The Rilux queen is the first ever female villain to be created within this wiki
  • She can only be weakened by the orbs on her skin
  • She was inspired by the metroid prime series
  • Tobias and the queen both have orbs somewhere on their body, however tobias doesn't get damaged by his orbs,  only she does
  • Her appearance, actions and design are similar to that of Metroid Prime from the metroid series
  • Despite her large size, she's very fast
  • Her final stage is the only time she tries to eat the player
  • her class in the Riluxious Species known as mother or queen
  • The rilux Queen's final form is a possible evolution for the Riluxious Species.
  • In her final form, she is rather shrunken a few feet less and appearently is about Xeo's hieght, however her attacks are much deadlier and she can now absorb some projectile attacks and sends them back! She can even drain the energy off her newly prey she now wants to absorb into herself. 
  • The first final form is rather complex and is consider a concept artwork
  • The rilux queen can send speical projectiles at its enemy,
  • She is the only rilux besides the Rilux Elite  to mutate further

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