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The Rilux Charager is a special rilux that is a running force that knocks over anything by ramming into things with its head.  Its horn can cut through steel and its eletric attacks are generated from its horn.  Its one of the long and biggest rilux to exist within the speices.



Rilux Saga

Rise of the zentinals

Personality and Traits

Special abilities


Thunder base attacks

Claw swipe


Close Range

Long Range


Center "eye"

Cryokinetic Attacks


 Phases of battle

Phase 1


Gunma Comic and anime

Gunma (Game)


Music theme (gunma game)


  • The Charger is very simlair to the Rilux Atomos  in structure and possibly a mutated Rilux
  • it can generate electricity with its horn on  its head and unleashes it with energy that forms in its body.
  • How it forms, is unknown. But its a rilux type that is ready to charge for anything.

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