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The Rilux Species include all classes of humanoid alien shape creatures called Rilux .

The classes include even newer types of rilux like Yakuza and the Mutated Rilux


Rilux in Teox inscriptions

Rilux in Teox inscriptions and other manuscripts across the galaxy

They appear to be tall red creatures that are known to destroy everything in thier path and thrive through out the Galaxy. According to the Teox and the antarian inscriptions, they are devestators of the Galaxy, a plague of an existing power that must be stopped before reaching another planet, called Earth.





Life Cycle


Main Article: Rilux Queen




Growth and maturity


They feed off energy from any substances, even lives off others to change.

Adult Forms

Rilux take on various forms as they grow into stronger ones and some even become a Queen.  How the rilux's true way of producing is hard to know or how the queen even starts or forms as it hasn't been seen or the rilux themselves.


Rilux Commander

Rilux Colossus

Rilux Infester

Rilux Charger

Rilux Elite

Neo Elite

Mutated Rilux

Mutated Rilux are special rilux that have been a special breed or are humans becoming a rilux. The rilux looked to have a special genectic coding that effects humans to become one fully, losing their mentally and serve the queen and also be destoryed.  Others include special Rilux species to mutated or evolve further than normal rilux soldiers/warriors. One rilux in particluar isn't the same type of red creatures, stating that there could be another secpices of rilux out there.


Neo Elite



Vanishing Trooper (R)

Newly discovered Rilux

Newly discovered Rilux that are new species within the race that are recently discovered. Information on them are very rare to come of through Anthony's log book.

Neo Elite X

Main article: Neo Elite X

Rilux Ravager

Main article: Rilux Ravager

Rilux Parasite

Main article: Rilux Parasite



  • The Rilux species is an unknown race of aliens that seem to change.  how they form or reproduce is clearly unknown
  • The Rilux Queen is the only known rilux to be the mother of the race and the only one who can control the Hive to produce more soldiers when needed.  however she passes on a special gene to make weaker chosen Rilux to become a higher class, the perfect rilux

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