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"Nino.Nano engage!"

- R'teg


R'teg (Pronunciation: Re tag)

R'teg is a young Vandrian and probably the first known Vandrare



R'teg was born aboard the Gungir. Having reached 16(human years), he departed the Odin Fleet on his Pilgrimage. On his travels he began hearing reports of Evil Antarian, who had never ventured beyond the Vandra planet since driving his people into exile, and became curious. He tracked a patrol of Evil Antarian to an uncharted planet, waited until one was separated from its unit, then disabled it armor and removed its memory drive. He recovered a file from its audio banks that revealed that there could be a traitor among the HMO and the Gunma core who is working for the Evil Antarian,but possessing the file put him in grave danger.He escaped from a Evil Antarian patrol, to The Gungir. On his way, R'teg was shot and he was carry to the gunma core HQ to go to the Med Clinic for treatment. He told Dr. Grace he wanted to trade his information to a a Crow Broker in exchange for a hiding place, he was expecting to meet the in person but met a "messenger" with a group of assassins. R'teg threw a tech proximity orb to defend himself, and was aided by the timely arrival of Tobias's team.

Gunma (comic series)

Rilux Saga
First attack
Rilux invasion

Rise of the Zentinals


R'teg is a very thin, very pale young Vandrian with dark hair with blue layers and purple eyes. He wears a short-sleeved white hoodie with a cat-eared hood. He also wears a long black shirt with a power symbol in the back, white pants, a dark and light blue belt with golden buttons and dark sleeves, white shoes, and a dark collar around his neck.


Staying true to his concept of being a mechanic, R'teg fully utilizes his mechanized orbs; the "Orb Dynamo', to aid him in battle. The Dynamos are not only able deal physical damage to targets, but are also able to fire rays of electricity as a way of dealing magical damage. As a ranged alternative, his dynamos can also be configured to form a powerful electricity cannon by the same way. R'teg is able to manipulate the electricity the cannon fires by either using his hands or kicking to fire powerful electrical blasts. This allows his attack style to freely transition between long range and melee attacks.

Gunma rpg:Another aspect of R'teg is that some of his skills have the concept of 'Magnetism', allowing numerous homing attacks which compensates for his low HP and physical defense values.


Relaying on his Orbs to much

special abilities


Dynamo Point System - use when both of his Dynamos are around him and it creates a armor around and cause him to float

 Personality and traits

Distant , Curious , and keeps things to himself

Gunma (Game)



Nino + Nano - the orb Dynamo system (creates 3 on each side of him)



Other information

Likes: Music,studying , and his orbs

Dislikes: Rude people, That guy

Hobby: reading,studying aliens, making orbs

Diet: sweet tea,Tacos

Date Of Birth:

Other appearances

Gunma RPG series

Gunma (RPG): Biopocalypse

Gunma Academy


R'teg enjoy eating Tacos because it have so many flavors for him to eat

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