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"The Otakarai are thieving hunters that hunt us, fellow Teox...I have never thought such creatures lurk on our homeworld. But they have for many aeons and we protect our children from them. To put it in your human terms; time of the dinosaurian age, they have existed on our homeworld."

- Xeo

Otakarai (pronunciation; O-Ta-Ka-Rai) is a carnivore Teox like dinosaur hunter on the Teox homeworld. The Otakarai themselves look to hunt Teox children and even grown Teox to eat for a meal. They can hunt alone or in packs and stun their prey with their tail barbed like stinger.



Gunma (comic series)

Rilux Saga
First attack
Rilux invasion
Teox's Heritage

Rise of the Zentinals

Personality and traits


Special Weapon(s)


Special Abilities



Other information

Likes: Hunting, caring for its young

Dislikes: anything that they don't like

Hobby: none

Diet: teox children, Teox, other animals


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