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Welcome to Ophidia wiki!

The Ophidia Wiki is a Wiki that documents the source of Iggy Studios   that Founder and creator created, along with character profiles and Homeworlds as well as statistics of all the locales in the future. In addition, there will be information on the little-known comics, as well as detailed plot elements and secrets from the future games and both worlds. The Ophidia Wiki is free for anyone to look at and encourages people to create and edit articles.

Ophidia wiki was founded by SonicKnucklesFan92. She has been hard at work from the ground up since early 2009, with the project, before starting the wiki in December of 2012. But other members recently came by and joined and are currently inactive. The wiki now has no members. But the wiki still lives on!

If you are an anonymous user and you intend on helping out, sign up and create an account. If you already are a member here, log in. Like most wikis, we have articles that are stubs, needs pictures, and the occasional article that needs to be cleaned up.

[[This wiki is an original project that holds four worlds that are a sight to behold and you get to have a taste of something new and get to have fun creating the best original character you can think of. You even also get to learn many things on your favorite animal as well! We as a wiki and community,  want to help and inspire many users to be treated with love and respect and create something completely from their own heart and soul. If you love Reptiles or want to see these two worlds, Then this is the place for you! You are welcome to take a peek and be sucked into an adventure that will be the best adventure ever!]]

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