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As a child, Mark had an actual family that he loved and cared about. His sister, Stephanie, was six years older than him, his mom, Maurice, was 28 years older than him, his dad, Jacob, was 30 years older than him, and both his grandma, Susan, and grandpa, Roger, was 60 years older than him. He even had a pet dog named Rex and a cat named Lazy. At school, he had one friend, his same age, that he cared about. His name was Tom and just like Mark, he excelled in academics. His life was that of just a regular kid. He enjoyed school, games, and discussion about aliens. However, things began to change at age 10. One day, he went to a burger restaurant that was famous around his town.

It was called Tony's Delicious Burgers. His whole family ordered a regular cheeseburger. Mark, however, dropped his and was the only one who didn't eat a burger. He decided to just have a salad. A month later, his whole family died. The cause was an incurable disease found inside the burgers discovered a day after Mark's family went there to eat. The restaurant and manufacturer of the burger was sued and eventually closed down. During that month, Mark's family was sick with a high fever. Their bodies began to become weaker, and during the last week, they were paralyzed. The doctors had explained to Mark what had happened.

After those events, Mark's pet dog and cat had an accident when they were ran over by a truck. He was also sent to an orphanage and continued his school work. He was quiet until he became a teenager. Then, he started many fights at school and didn't care about anyone, not even Tom who eventually left the school. One day, when he was fifteen, he was adopted by Jack and Mary, but after only one month of causing fights, receiving many detentions, and even hitting a teacher, they put him back into the orphanage. His personality only got worse after that, and he was hated by everyone. He was even expelled from three schools before finally graduating and entering the army.

He trained with his instructors in order to become part of the Gunma Core.

He did not make any friends but he did respect everyone. He knew that there was danger and decided to do something with his life and attempt to stop it. He disliked his comrades, but he had no choice but to respect them. He also learned to become obedient, after he was hit with a baton fifty times from some of his instructors. The reason for this is because, at first he was not obedient, and even threatened to cause harm to his instructors.

He was issued a special mission, which was to assassinate a criminal mastermind. He simply sniped him from a distance, including those around him. There were no children there, so he was glad. Eventually, he became part of the Unit and now helps in the battle.

Gunma (comic series)

Rilux Saga
First attack
Rilux invasion
Zantella arc

Rise of the Zentinals


Mark wears the regular black Bio-suit, but the feature that makes his suit unique from everyone else's is the picture of the dragon near his stomach. His hear is regular short black hair, and amazing green eyes. The dragon he has on his suit marks his dedication to his homeworld. He is a fiery beast that will protect its lair, just like a dragon would it protect its lair, a volcano. His shoes are not the regular shoes a modern human wears. Mark wears shoes that resemble those of a ninja, or if one may choose to describe it by, a nice pair of sandals. Some people envy the dragon logo and his dedication, but he does not mind. The dragon he resembles is also one who protects allies, but would not die for them. Survival of the fittest, he calls it.

Personality and traits

Mark is very silent and only talks when he needs to. However, he was not like this his whole life. As a child, he was very talkative, playful, and always excited. This is because, at that time, he had an actual family to look up to and spend time with. He would excel in his academics and always followed rules. He was also obedient to his teachers, parents, and grandparents. He respected everyone, and everyone respected him.

When he became a teenager and his whole family died by a disease, his whole personality changed. He now was an average student and disobeyed his teachers. He would always yell when he was angry and frequently lost his temper. He got into many fights at school and received detentions weekly. The couple that adopted him could not stand his personality, and made him stay at the orphanage. He disrespected everyone and everyone disrespected him.

After his graduation, he was immediately enrolled into the army. He trained to become part of the Tengshe Evrae Unit, and was eventually accepted. There, his personality changed once again. He now respected everyone and had to become an obedient soldier. He was silent most of the time and would only speak when necessary. He would also make sure his allies are protected, but would not give his life to save another, not even his commander.


In the unit, he is simply equipped with a sniper rifle, handgun, sword and explosives. In battle, he would sometimes attack his enemies with explosives. He is always too careful not to kill his comrades, for even though he doesn't care much, he's not a serial killer. With his sword, he only uses it when in close combat. This was especially useful during his battle against a Drug Dealer Samurai. During that battle, he battled with his sword, but ended his opponent with the handgun he kept hidden. If he had not used it, he would not have won that battle. Finally, the reason he uses a sniper rifle is because he dislikes the smell of his opponents and their blood. This was especially useful in his assassination of the criminal mastermind. This criminal mastermind was said to almost overthrow the government. Not only is he a very talented sniper, but he is also good with making weapons. He was trained to do so with the time he had with his instructors, and now is very talented at it.


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