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"put the weapon down son..."


Deven Artim is a perfectly trained  super soldier and a teacher to most new recuits in the unit. He is also a father of his beloved son, Ben who was diagnosed with Leukemia and passed away. Deven is the oldest of the crew and wants to keep everyone safe from harms way, even sicknesses. He's shown to be a valuable asset within his duties and outside of the unit.



Gunma anime- Deven artim- 18 years ago
Deven artim is consider one of the best soldiers within the Gunma Core and is a good friend of Marshall Alexander and is a teacher to his students and the academy.

Gunma (comic series)

Rilux Saga
First attack
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Zantella arc

Rise of the Zentinals


Deven artim redesigned 2016

Deven Artim- redesigned 2016

Personality and Traits

Deven has a bold nature, he is confident in his duties as a father and a soldier/wingman. He is known for his calm sense of patience in any situation. Skilled in almost every area known in the unit with weapons and armory, he is known for training new recruits or new soldiers. Deven himself, likes to be there for whoever is in need of help or reassurance. He likes to work on writing as a hobby. He also doesn't mind going to schools and watch over children who have disabilities, teaching them or helping them, he likes to be around others.

Deven himself, being the first and also oldest in the group is one of the best, to not let down or even think of letting him off the team.



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  • Deven is few of the characters in the gunma series get a redesign few or more times in a row.
  • Deven is a good shot with a sniper rifle, hiting the targets directly in their weak points
  • Deven is the oldest of the crew and worked with Kimberly's parents."
  • Deven treats Marcus Elliot  and Kenneth Star  like they were his own two sons.
  • He takes Marcus Elliot in the unit.
  • Deven must know to relax, even such a good soldier like him needs to stop at some point in his life.

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