"It be funny if you both got married, hahahaha!"

- Christine

Christine the reptilia- artwork
Biographical Information
Homeworld Ophidian Village (Planet Ophidia)

Date of birth unknown

age 18 growing up(21)
Physical Description
Species Reptilia

Gender Female

Height 5'0" (60 cm)

Skin Color Red Yellow cream,(whole body)

Eye Color Blue
Physical Information
Chronological and Political information

 Christine Reptilia  is a childhood friend of princess Marisa and Prince Tommy and is one of the chosen children to be a princess too. she is light hearted and loves to joke around with her childhood friends.


Ophidia's Crisis

The wrath of sliver

Dragcul rises

Becoming a princess


Other Information


Reptilia Tribe

Chief/ Aku The Reptilia

Mother/ not named

Father/ not named

Childhood Friend/ Marisa The Reptilia

Childhood Friend/Tommy The Reptilia

Enemies: N/A

Personality:  Kind,  Sweet,  Loving, strong Willed 

Love interest:  Wick The Reptilia 

Alignment: Good



Favorite Food: anything that tastes good,  BlueBerry Pie from Cheif Bearded

Favorite Magic (spell): Projectile spell (shoots a strange magic from her hands)

Weapon: Magic

SideKick(s):  none

Peace at last


Main Article: 

Character Relationships


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