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The chosen children are what Planet Ophidia 's order by having a few children chosen to carry on what their parents had started and are destined to become rulers of ophidia.

Chosen children

Marisa Reptilia

Main Article: Marisa The Reptilia

Tommy Reptilia

Main article: Tommy The Reptilia

Christine Reptilia

Main Article: Christine The Reptilia

Timmy Reptilia

Snowy Lunar


Day of the gifted

Chief's alignment

Dragcul's defeat



  • according to the Ancient Tales Of Ophidia, the chosen children are to become next rulers  after their parents and chiefs, but also to stop the raging war between tribes
  • Marisa is the only known youngest princess to be within her tribe 
  • It is said that wam bloods can have chose children as well, not just reptiles

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