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"The Rilux ARE friendly and civilized! They are "savage" because that's what we make them out to be!" ~ Casey Walker

Casey Walker is a slightly inexperienced human that is a Quaker(does not like violence). The only time he fights is to defend himself, he will never start a fight no matter how angry he gets.


Casey is a 5'10" white male human. He has a clean face and he wears a blue trenchcoat and jeans. He has a sideburn that connects to a stubble. He has a pointy chin and slightly long brown hair. He wears black boots and one leather glove on his hand.


As stated before, Casey is very down to earth and does not like violence. He is, however, willing to fight for his belief. That being said, his belief is foolish. When faced with danger most of the time he will freeze up with fear, but sometimes he can build up the strength to try and convince it otherwize. If this doesn't work, he will probably resort to fighting then, and probably fail trying and get his butt kicked. He is a bit shyer towards newer people, but once he warmed up to you, he becomes extremely loyal(even though he might not be able to do much)

Casey's Crazy Theory

Casey believes that the Rilux can be befriended and are actually civilized. Most of the time people try to keep him in check about this, because he is willing to go and fly to the Rilux's home planet and go "Hey! Wanna be friends?". He has almost done just that once, thankfully people changed his mind about going then but that doesn't stop him.


Casey is very smart

He is also very persuasive and can talk people out of a lot of things, which is useful since he is bad at fighting and dislikes it. Sometimes when persuading doesn't work, he will either call out for help or run because he knows he can't take on most people.

Casey has lots of friends, and those friends can help him out in more ways than one.


Casey, as mentioned before, is a quaker, so he doesn't like fighting. As such, he hasn't taking up the skill too often.

Casey believes in a crazy suicidal belief that the Rilux could be friends and our allies. As such, he will go out to support his belief and he needs to be checked on a few times because of mentioned above, he is willing to go out and support his belief.

He, of course, is very inexperienced with weapons.

Theme Song(Video coming soon)

Casey's theme song is "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback because it explains his feelings exactly about the universe and how if people would be more friendly towards each other and all that good stuff then the universe would be without hate and like a utopia of some sorts.

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