BigTooth Tribe

A Tribe of enormus Crocodlies, who live near the Swamp Hollow, that is very well kept within the forest. They seem to always get vistors and they always keep telling them  they will eat the vistors.  The bigTooth tribe are located at the swamp Hollow,  a home to the Crocodiles.  They are always ready to chow down on anything. but they rarely leave their home. They seem to be laid back, but they are a deadly tribe that won't let go of their prey once caught.




Clash with the other tribes

(coming soon)

music theme

Ophidia of worlds- Swamp Hollow battle theme Giant Teeth02:20

Ophidia of worlds- Swamp Hollow battle theme Giant Teeth

giant teeth


darkest hour


  • the BigTooth tribe seem to be good allies with the Komodo Tribe
  • Thier music theme is the same for the Komodo Tribe, when encountered in battle
  • They are rarely seen out of their village

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