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"I may be a human, but I can fight. So shut up before you embarrass yourself"


Austin Slopes is a male human who, unlike most humans, can actually handle himself pretty well.


Austin is a tall(for humans at least) male human. He is 5'11" and he has a small amount of pimples across his nose and cheeks. Most of the time he wears armor, which makes him 6'0". His armor is red with black marks all over it and his helmet is see-through.

Backstory(not much)

Austin taught himself how to fight at age 5 because his mother was robbed in person when Austin was 4. He was a 5 time champion in his middle school boxing club, and by the time he graduated high school he joined UFC and became one of the youngest champions ever lived, at age 22. He had a long boxing career and his record when he retired was 115 - 68, 34 of his wins were knock-out wins.

Fighting Technique

Austin's technique is, in hand to hand combat, to tire his opponent out and then go balls to the wall. He fights defensively at first until he sees his opponent getting tired and then will come out swinging. If this doesn't work, he resorts to speed and technical work.


Austin is very technically sound in fighting.

He is pretty perceptive as well.

Austin can talk someone out of something decently easy, depending on the person and how stubborn they are.

Austin has amazing reflexes.


Austin sometimes forgets to save his stamina and will tire himself out a lot.

He will get into a lot of fights he can't win, due to him thinking he's the greatest fighter ever or something.

Austin does not know how to handle a gun all too well. He can only handle a weak blaster or something.


Theme Song

The Way of the Fist Instrumental04:04

The Way of the Fist Instrumental

Austin's theme song is the instrumental of "Way Of The Fist" by "Five Finger Death Punch" because it's fast paced like him, and the actual song itself is about basically saying "i'll beat the crap out of you" so there's that too.


  • Austin Slopes name is based off the creator's brother, Austin.
  • Austin was battling Marcus Elliot to knock some sense into him, however his wounds were too severe, from Marcus's bomb on the station and passed away, in trying to stay alive.

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