Sometimes I'm over here... other times I'm over there... but am I really all here myself?
— Artero's taunt
Artero the Chamaeleo
Artero the chameleo
Short-horned chameleon
January 7th
7' 2
30 lbs
Rough green
Chamaeleo Tribe
Elusive, tricky, smug, and smooth
Maguey worms, playing tricks, his tribe, getting some laughs
Enemies, hornets, being discovered, his friends being injured


Artero was born and raised in the HighTree Claw region of Ophidia, where he was originally raised by thieves. It was from these thieves that he learned his trick to ultimate camouflage and stealth. From childbirth, Artero had a knack for playing tricks and pulling pranks, and so he left his greedy companions and began life as a freelancer, where he used his wit, knowledge, and importantly, his camouflage to live. He became enlisted eventually as a warrior when he was found by members of the Chamaeleo who admired his tenacity. Artero is now a valuable member of the tribe, and the only things he asks in return are food and that those who raised him are given a good life in which they no longer have to starve. He tends to interact with fellow Chamaeleo Kajus, often having conversations with him.


Artero, being a trickster, has such of a personality. He talks in sort of a weird speech where he doesn't really seem to be on either side of an argument, although he can take up action and be somewhat serious when push comes to shove. Artero has an immense amount of respect for the band of thieves he was born to and was raised by, as they are his family. While he shows no signs of wanting to fall in love and settle down, Artero has shown himself to be able to do so. Artero never really shows his anger that much, but when he does, he generally will tend to camouflage himself to his surroundings, and then unleash his rage onto whomever angered him; this is another reason why he makes a very good warrior.


As aforementioned, Artero uses his camouflage to his advantage. In addition, Artero uses an obsidian-headed spear to fight, which he carries on his back when not in use. The spear is more used in a battle; when hunting prey, he uses his long-sticky tongue, which he calls his "harpoon". The tongue also comes in handy when fighting usually to confuse opponents.



Kajus The Chamaeleo

Marisa The Reptilia


  • Artero's name is a Spanish word for "tricky".
  • Artero is partially based off of the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, in that he can "disappear" and "reappear" at will and he has a big grin on his face.
  • Artero's character was conceived following a viewing of the movie Rango.


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