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The aquarins Being a species with a low population are more tribe like as they have yet to learn space travel. This is not a bad thing as aquarins do not die from old age nor are killed on their home planet so there is little to no need to breed. Their body's depending on the gender will either be made of salt water or a type of a liquid chemical that will vary their main color.

Species pronunciation
Main weapon
Water bending
Vary in liters
Survival and exploration
Sodins (male) colili (Female)
Leader/Tribe king


The aquarins are a newly discovered species during the Rilux saga but these being have been around since the start of the 25th century and have evolved quickly. These species also have no predators or pray as the lack the ability to feel hunger however they do require water to increase their mass in order to get energy to keep on living not all the time but as much as a human needs to be hydrated. Being on a planet with one island and 94% of the planet being water they lack the materials to increase their technology therefor they only have primitive weapons and lifestyle.

Genders specifics

Sodins ( pronounced Sodi-ins) all have the same body type and that type is sodium. They are the warriors of the planet even if they are the only intelligent species on their planet. Colili's are the female variant and their body's can have diffrent chemicals in their body examples could be Chlorine, H20 ect. Sodin's bodys are more heavy armour like wile Colili's are usally softer and easier to fall apart.


Hard to kill

spirit to never give up

Can grow by draining sources water

In rare cases ability to morph ( only appnlies to Colili's )

In rare cases ability to Scald enemys ( only appies to sodins)


Being shocked

Drought weather

Not being hydrauted


  • My second species adding to gunma the first has yet to be completed
  • I love the idea of a water like creatures but knowing the internet the colili may as well be called "Slime girls" which to be honest I'm alright with.

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