"your thoughts of living life to the fullest must be strong. complete my test, and i will be yours to return to the spirit shrine."


Biographical Information
Homeworld Planet Ophidia

Date of birth ???

age 3000(existed since the time of the dinosaurs)
Physical Description
Species; Python

Gender Female

Height 20'15"

Skin Color Blue and white (whole body)

Eye Color Yellow
Physical Information
Tribe; Snake God
Chronological and Political information


(coming soon)

legend of the 6 Snake Gods

Legend has it, that many eons ago. The 6 snake gods created life and gave each  creature they created  their own mind and will.  The snake gods themselves appear to be in a "spirit" like appearance, rather than a full flesh body.

Rajja is the only snake god to ever take full physical apperance with flesh and blood. The other 5 snake gods weren't very lucky to have a physical form.  before the other snake gods could join Rajja, Rothion The Reptilia  was ambushed by an unknown enemy. Rajja was the only snake god to have his test completed and restored. what becomes of the 5 snake gods now, they are still keeping the planet together and full of life even with or without a flesh and blood body.

Blessing of the princess

Art Gallery

Music Theme


  • Amrita's test is the final test in the game
  • She resigns in giving life to the reptiles
  • She and the others are still in spirit form

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